Safety is our number one priority on every project we are involved in.

Commitment to Safety

At Elmira Structures, we take precautions to reach our goal of zero injuries. This begins before the project is initialized. The Project Manager will review the drawings and site conditions to determine what areas could possibly be dangerous. Once the job is underway we perform “housekeeping” on a daily basis to prevent accidents. The project superintendent will conduct daily Toolbox Safety topics with the crew that pertains to tasks that we are currently working on. The upper management will also make surprise visits to the jobsite to confirm everyone is being safe. We team up with Lovell Safety Management Co. who inspects the job site and makes recommendations towards potential safety hazards.

Lovell Safety Management

Lovell is dedicated to safety. They provide us with onsite inspections, safety and health training, risk evaluation, accident investigation, and keep us up to date on the latest safety issues and changes. The following is a small portion of our company safety policy:

  1. All personnel within established construction zones must comply with standard OSHA Procedures and Practices.
  2. Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC has designated inspector and advisor.
  3. Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC will conduct unannounced inspections.
  4. Superintendents and Project Managers will also be required to watch for non- compliance.
  5. Project Managers and Supervisors will have the authority to require the offender to be removed from the site. A written warning may be issued at the discretion of the Project Manager or supervisor.
  6. All sub-contractors will be required to comply as part of contract requirements.
  7. All of our full-time employees have acquired the OSHA 10-hour safety course.

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